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October 11, 1926

October 11, 1926
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My thanks to Al Capone researcher Mario Gomes ("The Capone Museum"-- see Links) for a copy of the Weiss death certificate.

Thanks to Northsider Kimberly Deal for the photos of Weiss' prayer book and signature.




Earl "Hymie" Weiss
Official Cook County death certificate 10/28/26

The death certificate confirms Weiss died at Henrotin Hospital, not on State street on October 11, 1926.
Other information:
o  That Weiss was single (the Chicago Tribune reported he had
     just married).
o  Weiss' occupation is listed as "unknown".
o  Weiss' date of birth listed as "Not known" his age list as
     "About 28".
o  "Cause of death was as follows: Hemorrhage and shock due
     to bullet and slug wounds in head and body."
o  Although his father's name (William) is listed his mother's
    name (Mary) is not. The certificate states his parents'
    birthplace was Buffalo, New York.
o  Weiss' birthplace is listed as Chicago, Ill.


Earl Weiss' prayer book, signature and address